Saturday, 6 December 2014

72.Man in Love

Man in Love - "Nam-ja-ga sa-rang-hal dae" (original title)  (2014) : An emotionally touching movie.

Language: Korean
Genre: Romantic Drama
Director: Dong-Wook Han
Writer: Kab-yeol Yu
Stars: Jeong-min Hwang, Hye-jin Han, Man-shik Jeong

Man in Love is a south Korean drama which tells the story of Tae-il a low-level thug who falls in love with Ho-Jung, the daughter of a debtor who lies in a coma.

The story goes like this, Tae-il is a 42 year old low-level thug working for a loan shark. Tae-il has never been in love. He goes around the streets of Gunsan for collecting debts and harassing shop owners for the security of money owed by them to the gang he works for and he doesn't seem to be hesitate about doing it. He lives with his brother Young-il and Young-il's family. One day he meets Ho-jung, a bank clerk who is taking care of her debt-ridden, terminally ill father.Tae-il forces her to sign a contract that requires her to sell her organs if she can't pay back her father's debt on time. Tae-Il doesn’t really know why exactly but he’s really worried about Ho-Jung after their not so good first meeting and repeatedly tries to find out how she plans to settle the debt...

He offers a new contract to her: He will exempt her from the debt if she goes on date with him. The more dates she goes on, the less debt she will have to pay off. At first she’s scared but Ho-Jung soon realizes that Tae-Il indeed cares about her and they grow closer. But something really bad is going to threaten their relationship ...

What is going to happen in between Tae-Il and Ho-Jung forms the rest of the story...

The story has nothing new to offer and it follows a predictable story line.
But still with some wonderful performance from the lead actors the movie pulls everything together and becomes to an endearing touching emotional drama.Hwang Jung-Min (Tae-il ) and Han Hye-Jin (Ho-jeong ) are fantastic together and create a natural and completely believable relationship between two people that complement each other beautifully.

There is quite some action and some thriller influences that make for a varied and always engaging experience until the last thirty minutes hit with some of the most touching south Korean drama of 2014.

In short Man in Love is a emotional romantic drama that will shed your eyes with tears. This one is not a must watch film but if you love korean drama's like BA:BO, My Girl and I, A Moment to remember, Always etc.. you should go for this one too...

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