Thursday, 31 July 2014

44.Hearty Paws

Hearty Paws (2006) : A Must Watch Korean Drama.

Language: Korean
Genre: Drama
Director: Eun-Hyung Park
Writers: Dong-ik Shin, Shin-hye Suh
Stars: Kil-Kang Ahn, Dal-i, Min-a Jeong 

The movie revolves around the relationship between a brother, sister  and their pet dog. This is one of the best Korean drama's  i have ever watched. The plot is very heart touching...

Hearty Paws is a heart touching tale about a family broken down to a brother, his young sister and a dog that was brought to the family on his sister's sixth birthday. The first half gives an introduction to everything. The movie starts from where Chan stoles a puppy and presents its to his cute loving little sister So-i  as a birthday present. She names him a Hearty. Hearty becomes a member of the family and Chan's tells Hearty to take care of his little sister when he's not around in his position as her elder brother. Soi misses her mother a lot who abandoned them a long time ago, she always cries for silly things and fights with her brother all the time. The three of them leads a joyful life until a great loss occurs in the family. Chan blames Hearty for the loss and leaves him to be with the mother who abandoned them without realizing that Hearty is the only one who truly loves him in this world. The incidents later happens in the story brings tears to every viewers eyes.

The Director has done a wonderful job in his debut movie. Each and every technical aspect of the movie is perfect. All the lead actors have done a great job. The boy Yu Seung Woo has a bright future ahead, also the cute little sister So-i portrayed by Hyang-gi Kim, her expressions are amazing, even the dog is trained very well.

This is not an another dog story the film mainly describes the thoughts  and hardships which children's face when they are abandoned by their parents. How the parents absence affects a child's life etc... These all are wonderfully told in a story which revolves around the bond between a boy and his dog. Overall a must watch movie which will make you smile and fill your eyes in tears at  the same time.

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