Friday, 13 February 2015

96.Thesis on a Homicide

Thesis on a Homicide - "Tesis sobre un homicidio" (original title) (2013) : Nowhere near to The Secret in their Eyes still manages to attract the audience.

Language: Spanish
Genre: Crime | Mystery | Thriller
Director: Hernán Goldfrid
Writers: Diego Paszkowski, Patricio Vega
Stars: Ricardo Darín, Natalia Santiago, Alberto Ammann

Thesis on a homicide is another crime thriller movie from the team of secret in their eyes. it stars Ricardo Darin as a university law professor who becomes obsessed with the murder of a young woman committed in the premises of the campus...

Roberto Bermudez, a university law professor, a specialist in criminal law,
is conducting an 8 week course for young law students. That includes the son of an old friend. Gonzalo Ruiz a confident young man...A brutal murder of a young woman committed on the university parking area
quickly leads Roberto to suspect Gonzalo as the killer, by picking up small moments of conversation that he believes reveal the clues. Roberto starts an investigation against Gonzalo... Now the viewers can enjoy a cat and mouse chase between the teacher and student... Roberto's gets too much involved in the investigation and he becomes obsessed with it believing it to be an attempt by Gonzalo to set up the perfect crime.Roberto takes a personal interest in the sister of the murdered girl, using her to get the necessary end game from Gonzalo.

The film contains all the ingredients needed for a crime thriller; plot twists, scenes with tense sequences, engaging storyline etc...  The main fault in the movie is that when it ends the audiences are left wondering what it is they just witnessed. It feels like the building blocks of a fantastic film are scattered around here and there, without ever becoming a solid whole. Even so it manages to keep you engaged to the end wondering just what the final answer may be...

Overall its a good Argentinian thriller with Ricardo Darin's wonderful performance.

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